Portlandish: Found Mini-Goat

October 29, 2013

No lie. This was posted on the Community Bulletin Board in my local supermarket yesterday. I read it when I went past, then doubled back to make sure I read it right, and that it did, in fact, say ‘mini-goat’.

Found mini-goat

It did.

And people are so nice here that this lovely dog-walking citizen took it home to care for it until its owner is found.

Safe to say, I am pretty sure I have only ever seen missing cat or dog posters until this. However, I would love nothing more than to find myself a mini-goat on a stroll around the neighborhood. But really only so I could see Kenny’s face when he came home from work and saw a GOAT in the backyard.

Hahahaha. It would be amazing. (Of course, I would probably be a little afraid of it, so I have no idea how I’d get it to follow me. Lol.)

Good news, though. If we ever decide goats are our thing, we can get up to three as domestic pets without a permit here in Portland. And if we got some gals, we could make our own goat cheese, which is at the top of the list of things Kenny loves to eat.

(It’s totally not. I am pretty sure it ranks up there with orange cheesy snacks, sour cream and mayonnaise as his favorite things to eat. But it could make a nice little stand at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. We could also sell our figs. Clarks Domestic Farm Featuring Homegrown Figs and Homemade Goat Cheese. Ahh…I hear my entrepreneurial spirit luring me away from Corporate America as I type. 😉 )


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