The Portlandiest of the Portland “Things”

February 22, 2013

I am really glad one of our neighbors posted this on Facebook today, otherwise I would have missed it.

The 30 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened In Portland

It’s pretty good. Philadelphia friends and family – kind of like South Street, right? Just a little more widespread – so the entire city has this vibe. While we’ve never seen Darth or Gandalf, we have seen chickens, goats and dreadlocks. (The latter of which caused Grace to inquire, “Why’s that guy’s hair look like a rug?” Oh, kids. So much fun. At least it was in a whisper-y register. But I still replied loudly enough that “people like to wear their hair all different kinds of ways and that’s OK” just to be safe. We’re cool, brother, we’re cool. Do your thing.) I fully expect one or both of Gavin’s and Grace’s grandmothers to show up this week to pack them up and move them back East after perusing this list. Hahaha. I am staying.

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