Waving is Out

May 10, 2012

This definitely falls into my top 10 signs I am from Philadelphia: I wave.

That’s right. I wave.

As opposed to flashing a double peace sign or breaking out a shaka (hang ten).

Both of which I received when out running two quick errands today. Oh, and they weren’t errands like say, to an organic farm or the local surf shop where those greetings might be expected, and, really, probably preferred so you have a more authentic / immersive experience. I was at the UPS store. In a strip mall. And Starbucks. Also in a strip mall.

Grace, unlike me, is Oregon greeting ready. Lately, she’s been either winking or giving Kenny and I a thumbs up to communicate.

Not me. I need to come up with something. If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be locked in my bedroom practicing something way cooler than waving to adopt as my new Oregon greeting.

(Hand Jive? Gangsta guns? Double thumbs up? Two thigh slaps and a double clap? What do you think?)

I like to fit in.



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