Portlandish: Portland Pants
Portlandish – 
A word I’ll use to define those little nuggets of local Portland flavor.


When I picked up Grace from school today, her teacher informed me that she was rockin’ “Portland Pants”.

Fearing the worst, I asked what that meant. The teacher laughed and said, “Oh, it’s when the bottom of your pants are constantly wet because of the rain.” Yay! I can’t wait for this. Especially because I am on the shorter side and like to wear my pants longer. (Ok, this is part lazy and part cheap because I don’t feel going to the tailor to get every single pair of pants hemmed, but mostly because I cannot stand when my pants end anywhere near the vicinity of my ankle.)

Exhibit A:

I am not *quite* sure why they didn’t put her lovely rain boots on when they saw this was happening – but it’s OK because I learned some new lingo.

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