Kids & Summer

Yep. That’s a crumb-caked knife. Used by one of our children for breakfast and placed back in the drawer. A few things I guess I should try to be proud of if I want to look for a silver-lining here, and I usually do want to, so here goes: My kids are old enough to […]


Mulching Fantastic

Dear Friends, I am writing to you from the edge of my kitchen table, just a few short days into summer break. For the kids, obvs. For parents, normal life marches on through the summer…mostly. You do have a few added chores like parent taxis, and drying all the swim clothes. Adding to our early summer […]



Have you ever gotten a phone call from the vice principal of your child’s school? It’s literally dreadful the way you might imagine getting fired from your job might be. I never want to answer the phone when I see it’s the school calling. No one from school ever calls with good news, do they? “Oh, […]