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Thanksgiving is for Pie. Right?

Thanksgiving is for Pie. Right?

We’re looking forward to an awesome Thanksgiving meal with our neighbors later today. It was so nice of them to include the transplants (that’s us!) in their annual tradition.

We were put in charge of pies.

I have no idea where to buy pies in Portland since I’ve only made one Thanksgiving meal since we’ve moved here, and I think I made my pies from scratch that year. I think. Making pies to bring to someone’s house for a meal that includes 14 adults and eight kids is a *bit* too much pressure on my lackluster baking skills, so I instead set out to find some kick-ass Portland-area pies.

I looked into it, and stumbled upon Pacific Pie Co.

And by the looks of it, I am glad I did. Check these babies out!

We got these at the NW 23rd Street location, and we picked them up yesterday. I always panic about parking when I go to this part of town, so I was PSYCHED when I found a spot right on 23rd, that looked (on Google maps) to be about three blocks from Pacific Pie Co. The kids were off from school, so I had them with me.

We set out walking down NW 23rd. And walking. And walking. And walking. Gavin asked no less than three times if I was sure I parked on the right street. Grace pointed out every parking spot that was closer than the one I chose. Hahaha. I did begin to wonder if I had perhaps, gotten it wrong. A check of Google maps confirmed we only had a block and a half to go, so we kept going. Finally – we spotted it. The kids cheered. And suddenly, I got a bit nervous about having to carry three pies back all that distance.

The shop / restaurant is totally adorable. They serve savory and sweet pies for lunch and dinner on a daily basis. Who knew!? The menu was intriguing, so we are definitely going back to try it.

They brought out my handmade pies – Pumpkin, Apple Sour Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The gal who was getting everything together for us asked if I knew about the pie plate deposit. I had, but had forgotten. My stomach dropped a little bit more – the three pies I was already a bit nervous about carrying back to the car just got significantly heavier: each was in a glass pie plate!

I paid and stacked the pies, and we set off. I made it quite a few blocks before I had to call in the muscle reserves, i.e. Gavin.  Funnily enough, he had tied his sweatshirt around his neck because it was 60 degrees out and he was hot, so he looked like some sort of pie carrying hero. I dubbed him Pie Guy:

Pie Guy carrying a Pacific Pie Co. pie for his mom.

Pie Guy carrying a Pacific Pie Co. pie for his mom.

He lasted two blocks. Then I carried all three pies two more blocks. Then I needed him to pitch in again for the last block again. Hahaha.

What was Grace doing? Skipping along beside us, singing Taylor Swift songs and occasionally providing some encouraging words like, “Those pies must be heavy. I am glad I don’t have to carry one.” And occasionally she provided some pointers like, “Gavin, your pie is crooked. You should make sure it’s even so it doesn’t get smushed on one side.” That’s our Grace – always “helpful” / entertaining. Hahahaha.

In any case, we made it to the car, and the pies made it home in tact. The look amazing and I can’t wait to try some later today. And go to the gym tomorrow to build up my arm muscle endurance. But first – pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Why Living in Portland is Awesome

This is Why Living in Portland is Awesome

“Breakfast” in Portland – who wouldn’t want to live here? 😉

I saw this little gem at the food store (Philadelphia vernacular) / grocery store (Portland vernacular) over the weekend.

Best. Ever.


Portlandish: Found Mini-Goat

No lie. This was posted on the Community Bulletin Board in my local supermarket yesterday. I read it when I went past, then doubled back to make sure I read it right, and that it did, in fact, say ‘mini-goat’.

Found mini-goat

It did.

And people are so nice here that this lovely dog-walking citizen took it home to care for it until its owner is found.

Safe to say, I am pretty sure I have only ever seen missing cat or dog posters until this. However, I would love nothing more than to find myself a mini-goat on a stroll around the neighborhood. But really only so I could see Kenny’s face when he came home from work and saw a GOAT in the backyard.

Hahahaha. It would be amazing. (Of course, I would probably be a little afraid of it, so I have no idea how I’d get it to follow me. Lol.)

Good news, though. If we ever decide goats are our thing, we can get up to three as domestic pets without a permit here in Portland. And if we got some gals, we could make our own goat cheese, which is at the top of the list of things Kenny loves to eat.

(It’s totally not. I am pretty sure it ranks up there with orange cheesy snacks, sour cream and mayonnaise as his favorite things to eat. But it could make a nice little stand at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. We could also sell our figs. Clarks Domestic Farm Featuring Homegrown Figs and Homemade Goat Cheese. Ahh…I hear my entrepreneurial spirit luring me away from Corporate America as I type. 😉 )


Portlandish: The Mystery Machine

Portlandish: The Mystery Machine

Oh yeah.

This happened. Drove right by us on Barnes Road.

Gavin remarked that it looked like the bus from Scooby-Doo. Sort of. But it’s more like a super-fan or funny guy who painted his VW bus that way. Maybe he farms himself out as Shaggy and does kids birthday parties?

Anyway…I present to you Portland’s version of The Mystery Bus:

The Mystery Machine in PDX

The Mystery Machine in PDX

(BTW – how cool is it that a six-year-old in 2013 can share the same pop culture references his grandparents had in 1969?!)

Portlandish: Blend Your Own Frappuccino

PDX and American Airlines are running a Summer Splash promotion where one lucky traveler will win a $1,000 travel certificate. As part of the on-site activities, the PDX Starbucks was doing a “blend your own frappucino” thing.

We happened by on our way to baggage claim last week.

And you knew this would happen, right?

Needless to say, the kids and I got a huge kick out of this. Hahaha! It’s one of my favorite things of the year so far.

I feel like this is a perfect Portland promotion – exercising / using your own body power to make your own free coffee treat. Combining two Pacific Northwestern loves! 🙂