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After my quick run through of Hyde Park Corner, I headed across the street to Hyde Park and took, quite possibly, the shortest stroll possible through this iconic park. I Googled a map of Hyde Park upon my return home, and viewing the map full size on my 13-inch MacBook Pro screen, I covered about a pinky’s worth of ground all told. Haha. To give you a more realistic sense of just how short my stroll was: There are 90 markers along the seven-mile Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk. I saw ONE of those markers. Haha. Granted, the markers stretch through a few nearby Royal Parks, but the fact that I only saw one in Hyde Park speaks to the size of this particular park and how very little I was able to explore. Just another reason to keep London on our future vacations list, right? 🙂

Still, despite my quick tour, I was able to see how lovely Hyde Park is and why it is so celebrated and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

A few pictures from my brief walk: