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Before traveling to London, I asked Kenny for some tips since he heads to the UK fairly often for work. One of the things he told me was that ‘iced tea’ isn’t a thing, and that ice in drinks, generally, wasn’t hugely popular.

So I said, “If I order a water, they bring me water in the glass, no ice?” He said, “Right.” “How about a soda?” (I don’t know why I cared about this since I rarely drink soda, I guess I just wanted to prove the theory out.) He said, “Right, they just bring you a soda in the glass without ice.” I said, “What if I want ice?” He said, “Ask and see what happens.” Haha. I guess he didn’t find this as curious as I did.

Anyway, by the time I got to London, I was so excited just to be there that I forgot some of his drink tips. When I arrived at a lunch meeting on my first ‘office’ day in town, I was excited when I saw a pitcher of what seemed to be iced tea, albeit iced tea that appeared to be on the weaker side of things. I hadn’t had a morning coffee, and was needing some caffeine.

So I grabbed a few things to eat from the display, poured myself a glass of ‘iced tea’, sat down and took a giant swig. Hmmmm. Not quite the crisp, unsweetened refreshment of iced tea. It was cloying, but familiar. Yet, I couldn’t quite place it, so I took another sip. It was: APPLE JUICE! Hahahahahaha. Oh my gosh – who would have guessed?! I mean, really – I haven’t been in a meeting where apple juice was served in a pitcher as a lunch time beverage since I worked in day care during college and I didn’t realize apple juice was a popular enough beverage amongst adults to serve at business meetings on the lunch buffet.

Funny, right?

So, fellow iced tea lovers who travel to London – be warned: if you see something that looks like iced tea, it’s probably just wishful thinking in the form of apple juice. (On the positive side, you’ll be transported right back to childhood if you grab a glass. 😉 )