The Portland-area weather folks did not disappoint – it totally snowed! And it was the most powder-y, fluffy snow I have ever seen.

We’re expected to get a few more snow showers tonight and tomorrow – and they’ve already called off school for the kids. (Gavin was excited, Grace was not. She told me she wishes she could “do both, like go to school for a little bit, then come home and play in the snow.” I guess she likes school – hahaha.)

I will say I “missed” the Philadelphia weather reporting today – this storm was nameless AND I didn’t see any reporters out there with their station-branded yard stick telling me how much snow each neighborhood got. 😉 (I really didn’t miss those things – I appreciated the normalcy of the news coverage. Portland’s all like: “Hey, yep, it’s snowing and will continue to snow for the next few hours. Be careful driving, folks!” I felt informed, but not terrified to leave the house like I often would after Philadelphia coverage: “Husbands, grab your wives and children and maybe say a rosary or two! Don’t leave an eyelash exposed or you risk losing all the hair on your body because it’s THAT cold. (It wasn’t.) Snowmageddon is coming and it will be the worst possible weather event we’ve seen since last week!” (And it never really was – except maybe this winter from what I’ve heard!)