Ok, t’s just a cup of coffee.

BUT – it’s a cup of coffee that I made – in my house, using one of my favorite mugs and my Starbucks Christmas beans after I slept in my own gloriously comfortable bed for the first time in 18 nights.

Yes, 18 nights.

Stepping back a bit further,  we’ve only been home – in our house – 12 out of the last 40 days. 28 days away! Crazy, right?

We’ve been flying back and forth across the country spending time with family and dear, lifelong, East Coast friends, and celebrating all kinds of good things – Thanksgiving, a wedding, birthdays, Christmas and the new year. All fun stuff, but after awhile, you miss being home.

So, you can see how a home made cup of coffee just how I like it  after sleeping in my own bed is a big deal at the moment. So I am celebrating. (And doing a few extra cheers because I had the foresight to wash the sheets and duvet the day before we flew out – ahhhhh. My own bed AND fresh sheets.) Hahaha. Little things, little things. It’s shaping up to be a good day already.

Of course, being back home also means I have chores and errands – 18 days of laundry and no food in the house. Sigh. Back to reality. And off to Costco. (On a Sunday – woof.)

But not until I finish my coffee. 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone!