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Long time readers of this blog will remember a handful (ok, maybe two handfuls) of cookery-related shenanigans. You may also remember that I like to cook, but really lack the time and focus to do so with any amazing results lately. So much so that I gave myself a personal challenge this year to rock some dinners. (Yes, yes. I know – I slacked on posting successful recipes – I promise to try harder over the next two months.)

One particularly fun cooking tale involved me cooking a turkey so long, we had to order pizza and eat the turkey the next day because it wasn’t ready in time for dinner.

Which makes my three-peat success with this roasted chicken recipe that much sweeter. That’s right – three-peat. As in I made this three times and it was awesome each and every time.

I made this very simple recipe from How Sweet It Is for the first time Sunday two weeks ago. I used an organic, brined chicken from Trader Joe’s. It was amazing. I followed the recipe as written (using a meat thermometer to ensure doneness), but stuffed a bunch of celery stalks in the cavity. (Why? Because I had some that were fading fast and figured this would make good use of them. And it did!)

Kenny and Gavin were out when I pulled it from the oven. Grace was starving, but since it was so close to dinner I didn’t want her to snack, so I gave her some pre-dinner chicken. She loved it and begged for more. When the boys came home, ¬†Gavin came into the house before Kenny and, of course, he was starving. Grace offered him some chicken and he yelled, “MMMMMM. This is delicious!”, then triumphantly announced, “Daddy, Mommy made some delicious chicken tonight – you gotta try it.” as Kenny walked through the door. (See – not a good reputation for roasted poultry. Haha.) Both kids even took some leftovers for lunch the next day.

We all liked it so much, that I made TWO roasted chickens last Sunday. And they both came out as perfectly as the first one. We ate one for dinner with all the Thanksgiving trimmings and I used the leftovers for homemade chicken soup which we ate later that week.  Both amazing.

Thanks to How Sweet It Is for an awesome and easy recipe. There are a few more on the site that I look forward to trying soon!