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If you read this blog about our indoor Halloween decorating, you might recall that Gavin thought our outdoor wasn’t quite meeting his desired level of spookiness. And since he’s six, and not really a fan of the scary Halloween scene, I knew we needed to step it up a bit. I mean, really. If this scaredy-kid was saying our house didn’t look spooky enough for Halloween, then we really needed to try harder. Haha.

Of course, things go busy over the last two weeks, and we never really finished decorating outside. Or, in Gavin’s eyes, I guess we never started. Haha.

I was off on Thursday, but had to take a few calls. I figured I could squeeze in making some quick decorations between my calls, so I grabbed a stack of black construction paper and started making silhouettes for our windows. And because I didn’t really plan this out, I really just flew by the seat of my pants and started cutting things out freehand. They turned out pretty good – surprisingly! Totally easy – only took about two hours total from cutting to hanging, and I think it has a pretty big impact without being too scary for the littles.

I also made a cute little monster face for our door. Which took about five minutes total. And we used our painted pumpkins to make our very own patch on the side of the house. This was especially important because we didn’t make it to an actual pumpkin patch this year :(.

(Read this next part in your best Clark Griswold voice. You know the scene. Add the Ellen, Rusty and Audrey drumroll effects if you want.) And, so now, in a totally late and untimely fashion, I share with you the Clark Family Halloween House.