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Remember me?

I blogged here a few times before. ( 😉 )

Then I didn’t.

Go ahead. Take a few minutes to grab your tiny violins so you can play along as you read my pathetic tale of why I’ve been an absentee blogger for over three weeks.

Remember way back in August when we went on vacation to Florida? Yea. Well, Grace brought home a few sniffles and a little cough, which she shared with me as she does every time she gets sick. While I love that she is a sharing kinda gal, I gotta work on what she shares. If she liked chocolate, we’d be on to something. (That was an incredibly long way to say I caught a cold during the second week of September. Haha!)

Grace cleared up quickly and nicely and was happily bouncing around on the soccer field, playground, dance floor within a week or so. I was not. Well, not that I ever do such things (I am old), but my cold lingered. And lingered. Finally, after two weeks of stuffiness, coughing and chest congestion that felt like it was settling into my lungs for the long haul, I had enough and decided to go to get checked out on Friday, September 27.

Apparently, I should have done so sooner because I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia AND a sinus infection. Huh. How about that. The only saving grace in that diagnosis was that I am not as terribly out of shape as I thought – being winded after climbing the stairs was because I had a lung infection. Phew. Dodged a bullet there – I can go back to feeling like the super stellar athletic gal I am in my head. 😉

Three prescriptions and doctor’s orders to rest landed me a week on the couch (read: do nothing, and that included not working), where I just sat and watched Food Network for hours. I pondered flipping on Lincoln (which I have been dying to see) or some other R-rated flick I’d missed out in in the six years since I became a mom, but I didn’t even have enough energy or gumption for a movie. So endless episodes of Ree, Giada, and Ina it was. I even watched the Sandra Lee shows. That’s how little energy I had – couldn’t even flip the channel to spare myself from that! And, oh, was THAT painful. I am still trying to shed myself of her corniness.

I was promised a great recovery with those three prescriptions – rumor had it I should be feeling markedly better within 2 – 3 days of starting them. So, when I wasn’t feeling better by Tuesday, I went back to the doctor. That time I left with an appointment for a chest X-ray and a prescription for an inhaler, which eventually helped tremendously. I was finally feeling markedly better Friday (October 4) – just in time for Kenny to head over to the UK for a million-day-long business trip. Ok, so it is not a million-day-long trip. But it’s close. I promise.

My almost-normal self lasted until Monday night, at which point I realize that my throat was sore. I thought my body HAD to be playing tricks on me. I mean really, I haven’t been well for three weeks and NOW, just as I am getting better, my throat starts to hurt?! Yep. That last hold out – the one part of my body that didn’t ache, or pain, or otherwise cause discomfort over the last three weeks had thrown in the towel.

Strep throat. 10 more days of antibiotics. How it’s possible to get strep throat when I was already on antibiotics for pneumonia, I have no idea. (Does medicine even work like that? I feel like it should, but given my predicament, I am guessing it doesn’t. Or maybe the four days between my first course of antibiotics and the time I was diagnosed with strep throat was just enough time for something to sneak up on my weakened immune system.)


I am finally back to normal this week, and playing catch up on life in general. Work. House stuff. Being a mom. Being a blogger. (Luckily (!?) I have a mini-vacation from being wife-ish since Kenny’s out of the country. Just joking. We miss him terribly and are counting the minutes until his return.) And, last, but not least, being thankful for the positives in situations where there only seem to be negatives – like the past month. Specifically, I am thankful for:

  • My awesome neighbors. They totally helped out with the kids activities and even brought us dinner a few nights! Amazing. I owe them, but, for their sake, hope returning the favor doesn’t come by way of walking pneumonia / sinus infection / strep throat! 😉
  • The total sweetness (and health!) of my kids during all this craziness. They were helpful and kind and well-behaved and patient with me. The best example? They made me this “bed” with Grace’s doll stuff in my regular bed so I could “get comfy and snuggled up and rest” after having some “goodnight tea” on Saturday night. How cute is that? It’s good to know some of our attempts at raising decent human beings are paying off. 🙂