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We’re fresh off our first meet the family somewhere in the country so no one has to continually burn all their vacation days and dollars on a trip to Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Nothing wrong with any of those spots, naturally, but isn’t it more fun to meet somewhere different so everyone gets to travel? 🙂

We met my parents and my brother and his family in Florida for a week-long sweat fest. I don’t know who keeps deciding that Florida in August is a smart idea.

Ok, it’s me. I take the blame. But this was the last time. I promise. Especially because it seems I have acclimated to the glorious, mostly moderate temps of the Pacific Northwest. About two days in, Kenny declared that his family had officially gone soft and couldn’t hack the heat. Hahaha. Another un-thought-of side effect of the cross-country move – lol!

Honestly, I will take the gray drizzly winter days of Portland any day over the oppressive humidity of summertime in Florida. I cannot deal with that heat any more. It doesn’t even cool off after the afternoon rain showers. It just makes it muggier. Oh my goodness, I might cry just thinking about it now.

I texted my best friend while I was there to tell her that there was no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks I was moving home because I was pretty sure I was going to evaporate into the East Coast humidity and I didn’t miss that feeling one bit. She kindly reminded me that I was in Florida, not Philadelphia. She also kindly told me to suck it up because I was in Florida. She didn’t tell me I was being overly dramatic, but she probably should have. I deserved it — haha.

She’s right, though. Florida and Philadelphia are definitely different climates. But being so hot in Florida transported me back to sizzlin’ summers in Philadelphia. I recall sitting in my home office with the central air set to 65 or something ridiculous like that and still having to have a fan blowing directly at me all day long. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying: I am really looking forward to taking a shower in Oregon and feeling refreshed for a few hours vs. a few minutes. Hahaha. I took so many (seemingly pointless) showers in Florida, it’s a wonder I have any skin left.

Vacation was still a blast and it was (as usual) awesome to spend time with loved ones. More on that soon.