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The Hood strawberry plants we put in last year weathered winter well and seem to be producing nicely. Since I am not a farmer, I can’t actually verify that they ARE producing well, but to my city-gal eye, there are edible strawberries hanging from the branches, so that means they are producing well.  Haha!

The G’s said they are sweet and delicious! Woo hoo.

I am particularly proud of them because according to Oregon Strawberries, Hoods are a difficult variety to grow.

(No, dude. I didn’t know that. I was looking to make sure I had the variety correct and stumbled on that tidbit, and thought it’d be impressive if I sounded like I was an Oregon strawberry aficionado despite only being a resident for 18 months. Did it work? LOL! Who knew Oregon had enough namesake strawberry varietals to command its own website? Not me. I’m still glad I don’t need GPS to get to the grocery store, let alone know a thing about native plants.)

The pic above is our first “haul”. Ok, it’s not a haul. But there are many more ripening on the plants. 🙂