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Gavin’s start of Kindergarten this year brought with it a phenomenon Kenny and I haven’t seen since our college hey-days: Spring Break. Woo hoo!

We decided at the start of the school year that we’d book a trip (i.e. there was no way I was taking off and sitting in my house for a full week. Since I work from home, I really don’t like to sit at home on weekends and days off. However, my family DOES like to do that because they are out of the house at the office or school all week. This time, I won, and we’re heading out. Haha.)

One of the things that was appealing to us with the big move was the opportunity to take advantage of everything the West Coast has to offer. Seattle, the Pacific Coast, seals, sea lions, whale watching, LA, San Diego, Anaheim, wine country, etc. etc. etc.)

I believe I’ve mentioned before that Kenny’s not a guy for relaxing on the beach. He likes to be active and busy, so our vacations are usually those things. Keeping that in mind, and because we have two munchkins aged 6 and 4, we decided head to Carlsbad, CA for a few days to check out Legoland, then drive up to Anaheim to do Disneyland.

Gavin loves, loves, loves Legos. Grace only loves them. So we figured this would be a hit. We’d also heard from a few friends and neighbors that Legoland is perfectly suited to their ages. Done! Now Disneyland – that’s a whole ‘nother story. We love vacationing in Walt Disney World (it’s clean, family friendly, and boasts a chock full of amazing experiences punctuated by courteous, helpful employees. And some bad burgers. But, hey, you can’t have it all, right? Haha.) But Disneyland will be a family first. I am really excited to experience it for a number of reasons: it’s the original, it has a new expansion, World of Color, etc. Plus, if we like it, it’s waaaaaay closer than Orlando. Hahaha.