Oh, but it was so much fancier than just steak and potatoes.

It was a marinated London Broil broiled to perfection.

Twice baked potatoes topped with a broccoli spear.

Carmelized onions.

Garlicky roasted mushrooms.


I love London Broil. I know I may be causing steak / beef lovers across America to grimace with this statement, but when it’s done right, it’s really quite good. I don’t get too fancy. I use the marinade recipe on the side of the Montreal Steak seasoning bottle. However, I was apparently looking to be both gluttonous and thrifty when in a wholesale club recently: I got a bottle of Montreal Steak seasoning so large that I am quite sure will last us until Gavin’s graduation from high school. Guess what. The giant bottle does NOT have the recipe on the side. Kind of ironic, really, because there’s about a thousand times more space to include it than on the normal grocery store sized bottle. Thankfully, Google found it. Here’s the link in case you are ever in the same predicament as I.

Kenny likes his London Broil with sides – so I usually make onions and mushrooms. (He likes the onions; I like both. Gavin also likes both. Grace likes none. She’s missing out.)

I had some time, so I made these caramelized onions. They are well worth the effort. Well worth it.

I made these garlic butter roasted mushrooms. They are simply awesome.

And, because I used up my butter and oil allotment in the two steak sides (read: I didn’t want to give Kenny – or myself! – an actual heart attack at the dinner table), I got creative with the potatoes. Sometimes we make mashed, sometimes we make roasted. This time, I made these Broccoli and Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect – they just used buttermilk…none of the usual potato sins like butter and milk and sour cream. They were amazing.

I will say that trying to get Gavin to taste the potatoes was hilarious. He saw the cheese. We took the cheese off the top of his potato / broccoli. He claimed he knew there was still cheese in there. We cajoled him – “Come on, buddy – you did such a good job with everything else, just take a few bites of potato. It can be the one new thing you try today.” …and such. He finally gave in. And before he stuck his little forkful of potato into his mouth, he exclaimed: “Today is the worst day ever! And when I wake up tomorrow, I am going to remind you that yesterday was the worst day ever because you made me try cheese.” Hahaha. Such a passionate child… who chooses to ignore the fact that his beloved Friday night pizza is covered in a layer of … cheese! Hahaha. Even he couldn’t keep a straight face after that ridiculous outburst.

And, despite his best efforts not to like them, Gavin took a few bites and admitted OUT LOUD that he liked them even though they had cheese in them. Woo hoo! I loved them. Kenny ate them (haha – I don’t know if he loved them, but he ate more than one, so that means they were decent!). Grace liked them, too. I look forward to making it all again…soon.