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Before the holidays, Kenny and I spent a rockin’ Saturday night hanging up some frames on the transition wall between our kitchen and living space / entry hall. It’s a sizeable empty space that looked, well…very plain without anything on it.

We contemplated getting a stand alone bar or something along those lines, but we’re not sure we want another piece of furniture in this space. We’ll see if that lasts ;).

Between the holidays and going home, work stuff, etc., I didn’t have time to sift through the ridiculous amount of photos we have, pick some favorites, order prints and then fill the frames with our pictures. So, the black frames hung empty and the blue frames hung there with filler pics of someone else’s cherubs for a solid eight weeks. At first, it was no big deal. However, once we were back from our East Coast trip, Kenny would frequently pass by and quip how much he loved “Sparky” or whatever glib name he gave to the kids in the filler pics, and punctuate that with a comment on how happy he was to have him in our family. Hahaha. Wise guy.

I finally sat down and picked some shots I wanted to display. And I am really loving how this turned out. I also like that it’s easily changed. I get bored with my decor pretty easily, so this is a big plus for me!

Mission Fill the Walls / Act Like We Really Live Here Update:

  • One more wall down, about seven more to go. (Nuts. Why did I write that? Now I feel overwhelmed! Haha.)
  • Completed January 2013 – Office gallery