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Although I’ve only been a parent for six short years, I quickly learned that one of the most satisfying things is when someone tells you “you done good” by complimenting your child’s behavior. It makes you grin ear-to-ear while your heart swells with more love than you ever imagined you could feel. And then it happens all over again every time you think of those words that, in some small way, said “all your hard work is paying off”.

Today, my parents were complimented by my boss. Hahaha. During my annual review, she told me that I was clearly raised really well, have a beautiful work ethic, integrity, and am genuine. Nice, right? And really, all of those things have very little to do with me, and everything to do with the strong foundation two wonderful individuals instilled in me. All I had to do was keep on, keepin’ on along the path they set.

At 37, I don’t often get direct opportunities to recognize everything my parents have done for me. But today was a good opportunity: it’s the adult equivalent of getting an “O” on your Catholic school report card. And since I am not close by, and since they don’t have to sign my annual work review so I can turn it back in, I figured sharing it with the world via my blog was the next best thing. (Ok, probably not the world. But at least 30 people who read this puppy.)

It’s funny how, even at 37, I am still happy when I can make them proud. And hopefully reading this does. 🙂