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These crispy (lighter) buffalo chicken tenders from were a hit with the fam, pretty easy for me to put together after work and have on the table within 15 minutes of Kenny and Grace getting home.

I followed the recipe as written, except instead of serving them as tenders, I sliced them on an angle and enveloped them in lettuce and flour tortillas for wraps.

Don’t worry, we don’t burn the tastebuds out of the kids’ mouth – we left some plain for them. (If your kids will eat buffalo sauce – go for it. Mine will not. Yet.) Kenny liked these wraps so much he requested it two nights in a row. And, since that saved me the trouble of thinking of a new, different dinner the following night, I obliged.┬áPlus, until recently, I hadn’t been able to find regular-sized bottles of Frank’s Red Hot so I have two water-cooler-sized bottles of it from Costco that I need to use up. Bonus! (Ok, no, they are not really the size of water coolers. But they are large and the Frank’s Red Hot to actual Clark family consumption ratio is WAY off, so I am glad these tenders worked out – haha. We might even have them tonight!)

Chalk one up for rocking dinner. (I should also give myself another for not breaking any appliances in the process as I covered here and here.)