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You might remember me as the gal that used to blog here. Sorry for the silence. I was on vacation, and, while I relaxed, we battled just about every flu strain that’s out there these days (along with my immediate and extended family). My word. The only good news about that is that my pants fit a little nicer around the holidays. Of course,  a few home cooked meals and treats courtesy of my mom and mother-in-law on the days I wasn’t sick followed by a week in Walt Disney World took care of that. Don’t worry – I wouldn’t want to start 2013 feeling all svelte and stuff. I need something to work towards ;).


I am now back in Oregon following our two-week East Coast tour. God, I love it there. I had so much fun with our family, and not nearly enough time with friends. (We still haven’t hit the magic number of days we need to be in Philadelphia to spend some good QT with friends! A few folks always get shorted 🙁 ) But … here’s a first – I kind of missed being in Oregon. Ta da! It finally happened. I wanted to go home – to my home in Oregon.

I am happy to be back for a few reasons:

1) I missed my bed terribly. We bought a new mattress last Spring and it’s pretty much rocked my world. (Get your mind out of the gutter. This is a PG blog (for the most part.) I love it because It’s literally the best, most supportive, comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I miss it when I travel.)

2) I missed my pillow. My brother turned me on to contour pillows by telling me he never has neck pain since he switched. This was corroborated by a gal at work. I made the switch. And other than my mattress, my contour pillow is the most life changing coin I ever plopped down. (And I only have a cheap one from Kohl’s that I got with a coupon. Imagine if I went Tempurpedic style!)

3) Philadelphia is very cold. By comparison, Portland is not. Both are gray with a side of sun this time of year…so Oregon has the edge here.

4) And finally, I missed the tap water in Portland. I know that sounds ridiculous, and I fully invite any and all Philadelphians to laugh at me. I used to be you. I used to think it was ridiculous when out-of-towners used to tell me Philadelphia / surrounding areas tap water tasted funny. Pshaw! It did not. But now that I don’t drink it regularly – it does taste funny to me. Salty or something? Who knows. To my delight, Kenny commented to me that the water tasted funny when we were at his mom’s house. I cracked up and said, “Thank GOD you said that! I thought it was just me and didn’t want to say anything because I thought you’d think I was crazy.” He smirked and replied, “Nope, definitely tastes weird now.” Hahaha. I am almost embarrassed to type this whole thing out – but I really missed the Portland drinking water. Hahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

I have a list of blogs I need to write. One of my goals for the year is to blog more consistently. I hope that works out 😉

Happy New Year, all!