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Well, folks, here we are. The day before Thanksgiving.

We decided a while ago that we’d celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our new house. (This was before my turkey breast debacle two weeks ago. I think minds have changed since then.)  Last year we were living large in the corporate apartment, so we decided to celebrate in town and tried out Jake’s, a Portland staple. This year, we’re staying home, cooking and starting to get our Christmas on. I am really looking forward to it!

I got a 10 lb. Butterball. Here he is:

[imagebrowser id=40]

Honestly, I am now kind of nervous. Not as nervous as Kenny’s stomach, probably…but nervous nonetheless. He’s STILL making comments / prep jokes along the lines of “how are you making the turkey?”, “what are your plans to cook the turkey?”, “is the turkey cooking in the oven yet?”. The operative word in all of this being ‘cook’, of course. Sigh. I hosted Thanksgiving for a few years back East, and I used to cook turkeys with no problem …somewhere along the way, I lost my turkey mojo. Here’s hoping it comes back, because in T-20 hours, I need it!

I am pretty sure Kenny’s concocting some plan B covert ops that include sneaking out to the grocery store today and get some turkey lunch meat so we don’t go hungry tomorrow. LOL. That could actually work out – the coveted Thanksgiving sandwiches a day early…on biscuits with a side of mashed potatoes. Haha.