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I had one happy boy bounce off the bus today. He was all giggles.

He threw all his stuff at me and kept his school bag. Unusual…because he typically likes me to carry everything for the 20 steps home. And since I really love to re-live my youth, I typically oblige. (Jokes, jokes. I am not sure why I take it from him – I don’t even think I noticed I do that as part of the pick up routine until today. Haha.) He started unzipping his bag in the middle of the street, and launched a piece of paper at me. I said, “Great, buddy! An invitation to a birthday party?” He said, “No. I won an award.” (Insert image of a little green-eyed, freckle-faced red-head with a Chesire-cat-esque grin here.)

And he did. And I kind of wanted to cry because this is pretty much the most amazing compliment a parent can receive.

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I am so happy for him – he was so excited he was bouncing in the street. I think this is just the confidence booster our little guy needed to get him over the hump between still being unsure about school and loving it. We’ll see how he does with the bus in the morning ;).