Woo hoo! Philadelphia, here I come for a not quite 48-hour tour. It’s like Babypalooza 2012. I. Can. Not. Wait.

I am at PDX anxiously awaiting my flight to D.C. for a work thing tomorrow and then hopping a train north to kiss some babies (all right, Mom and Dad, I’ll kiss you, too. Dennis and Kev – we can hug it out. Mom and Dad C. et al – your call on hugs or kisses.)

I am so excited so see my nieces and nephews (and of course the rest of the bunch, but really, let’s be honest there are BABIES I haven’t met yet or have only seen for like ten minutes, and stalking their pictures on Facebook doesn’t quite compare to an in-person visit!). I am also so thankful to Kenny for suggesting that I head home for a few days after my works stuff to visit the family and a few friends who are practically family. I’ve been a little homesick off and on, and this little jaunt is just the cure before spending time with everyone over the holidays. He’s looking at it as a way to bank some sanity / alleviate my homesickness.

I’ve planned a jam-packed schedule, and Dennis is letting me borrow his car to make the rounds. He’s clearly forgotten my college nickname (Crash). Until right now. (Kerri, let me know if his face paled when he read this.) I have a Friday play date with the twins and Colin, dinner (I hope!) with the Flannerys, a Saturday breakfast with friends, a later Saturday morning play date with my niece and in-laws and then lunch with my best friend before she takes me back to Philadelphia for my Saturday afternoon flight home.

Gavin and Grace were a little sad they couldn’t go home, too. Gavin recovered when he knew my exact schedule and when I’d walk through the door again. Grace recovered after I told her that I did have to take my iPad but Daddy could download Minnie’s Bowtique on his. The only thing that would make this trip better would be if they were all with me. But nonetheless, I. Can. Not. Wait.

Can you tell I am excited? Woooo hooooo!