Our house is slowly, slowly coming together and feeling more and more like our home. It’s only taken like eight months or so. Haha. We still have a ways to go, but it’s getting there…

This week we had a new console delivered for behind the sofa. It was quite an adventure getting this thing – I think it’s been like eight weeks in the making.

It came about 4 weeks ago and I sent it back because it was wrapped literally in one thin sheet of packing paper – nothing protecting it whatsoever. Needless to say, when the guys went to unwrap it and bring it in the house, chunks of wood fell off. The delivery guy was awesome – and told me to refuse it after they unpacked some of it so I didn’t have to deal with returns, etc. So I did. They were really apologetic and gracious and helpful. Pretty much everything you’d want in a delivery team when something goes wrong. I let the company know and they had to search for another one. Luckily, they found one, and it came on Monday.

[A Note for My Father: If you are reading this, you may want to stop now because I think you will have a bird at the mere thought of this happening to you.]

The new delivery guys were un-awesome. They called and said they’d be here at 1 p.m. They were late. Of course, I expected that, so no big deal. When they got here, they rang the bell. I answered and was greeted with “We got your delivery.” Why, hello to you, too, kind sir! I said, “Ok, thanks.” And stood there. So did he. Uh, dude – do you actually want to deliver it? Or just have a good, old-fashioned starting contest? I looked at the truck and that seemed to snap him into reality, so he turned and started walking away. Then turns back and asks what it is. I said ‘a console – like a piece of furniture.’ He must not have known what that was so he asked again. I repeated myself. He got visibly flustered, turned, and threw his hands up in the air, shaking his head and repeated me. UHHHHHHH – seriously? Climb in the truck and see what it is. It is not MY job to know the dimensions and weight of this thing, hence, you, the delivery man, from the delivery service which was making a pretty penny to deliver this to us was hired. I almost died when he threw his hands up in the air and mimicked me. It was crazy.

So they bring the console to the door and the guy looks at me and says, “You know – this is really heavy.” Dear heavens! What do you want me to say, buddy? It’s a big piece of furniture! Tell your boss, not the customer. By this point, I was appalled. But you know it gets better – haha.

They bring it in and plop it down in the middle of the room. He then hands me a paper to sign to accept it. I told him I am not signing it because the last one was broken and I wanted to check it out. He looks at his partner and says, “Can you get her a box cutter from the truck?” I said, “I have to unpack it myself? You just said how heavy it was.” He shrugged. Other guy hands me a box cutter, and I got to work and unwrapped this monster while those two stood and watched me. You can see the amount of packaging in the background. I had to turn it, lift it …yeaaaa. Good fine times. Especially with an audience.

[singlepic id=191 w=420 h=340 float=]

So while I am unpacking the console, they are standing there – apparently checking out our stuff, because the very next comment from my best buddy’s mouth was ‘That’s some rug you have there.” Hmmmm. Now you are giving me your thoughts on how I decorated my house? I don’t particularly care what he thinks since he doesn’t live here… honestly, I was more shocked that he felt like it was appropriate to say that out loud while I was unpacking a giant piece of furniture while he watched. I mustered a quick “Yep, it really is. We love it.”

Finally, I finished unwrapping. He now looks at the console and says, “This is it? This is what it looks like? What is it – from India or something?” Somehow, I managed to eek out “Yup.I.am.ready.to.sign.the.paper.” without losing my cool.  I wanted to recommend that he open a design consultation business on the side since he probably wasn’t making many tips based on his poor service. I definitely did not tip them and am not sure I even said thank you. I have never experienced something like that. Insane. I have to say, I kept picturing what I envisioned my father’s reaction would have been during this experience – this made me laugh. He would have been purple, sweating from a combination of the unpacking+frustration, had his teeny tiny mad lips on and probably would have ended the whole exchange by shoo’ing them to the door with the back of his hand, possibly punctuated with a few F-sharps while he informed them he was calling their supervisor. My end game was to just get these fools out of my house as fast as I could. I was done.

The good thing? I LOVE our new console. It fits perfectly and I am starting to get ideas on what art / pictures I can put up in the room. The ones in there now are to add some color while we mull over how we want things to look over the longer term.

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The best part of this whole thing? My best buddy left his hand truck out front. So he had to call me three more times to tell me he was coming back to pick it up. And then he had to come back here and pick it up. Sigh. I haven’t seen him in a few days, so I think we’re finally done with them! Woo hoo!