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Lately, the Clarks have been loving Mo Phillips’ song “The Princess and The Cowboy”. Ok, I’ll be honest. I love it the most and when it comes on Kids Place Live on XM, I turn up the volume and sing my heart out. Which means, by default, the rest of the gang has come to like it. I’ll chalk that up to my overwhelming enthusiasm for this little gem of a tune. My heart just about swells right out of my chest when Gavin sings this in his little Gavin voice in the backseat. I melt. It’s just about the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard – and coupled with the lyrics in this song…well, just pass me a tissue.

To my great joy, I discovered that Mo Phillips is from Portland! I was being a total music geek last tonight and looking for the lyrics – you know to make sure I was singing it right (haha. I can’t believe I just admitted that!) – and stumbled on his website. He plays all around town – woo hoo! Maybe we can catch a gig and hear my latest song obsession live.

Want to hear it? Visit, scroll down and look for “Funky Jams” on the left (at the bottom of the list of options). “The Princess and The Cowboy” should be the first one listed. I just love the indie-rock vibe, the “sing-along-ability” and the overall message of love and acceptance and encouragement. Sing-along-ability? Wow. I should get massive bonus points for that. Just wow.

I look forward to checking out more of his stuff, but in the meantime I hope you like the song as much as I do!