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We’re going to celebrate with a block party. Ahhhhh. This brings back old school memories of growing up in Philadelphia! (Except my best friends aren’t coming over to sit on my fronts steps like we’re too cool to live while we secretly check out the guys up the street and hope more of their friends show up. I also will not be wearing a dog tag charm, one side of my overalls unhooked, orange lipstick or giant, teased, Aqua-Netted-until-there-was-a-hole-in-the-ozone-right-over-my-Mayfair-rowhouse bangs. Instead, I will probably wear black (maybe grey), hang out with my husband and try to make friends while my kids ride bikes and tear up the neighborhood. Oh – for the record, I was never actually too cool to live. Pretty much the opposite. Still. But it was fun to try!)

Before I go, I wanted to share a little nugget of hilariousness. BUT – before I share that, it’s important you know this: Oregon allows the use of consumer fireworks. Pennsylvania does not. This means there are little stands in just about every shopping center parking lot in town selling fireworks. I can only hope that if we are still living here when Gavin goes to high school that he signs up for whatever team or club or committee that allows the moms to sell fireworks in the parking lot of the local grocery store. Like this:

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Now, what you can’t see in this picture because I was being sneaky (sorry, Mom!) was the U-Haul truck next to this stand with a banner touting that all proceeds from the sale of fireworks benefit the local high school. Because I am from Pennsylvania, I have never seen such a thing. I feel like my only exposure to doing things to benefit my school (besides being a fine, upstanding Catholic young lady with my socks pulled up to my knees, of course!) was selling chances, magazines, wrapping paper,  candy / cookies, and subscriptions to The Catholic Standard and Times.  So, it made me chuckle to think that the sale of fireworks helped local schools. It made me chuckle even more to think that had I grown up in Oregon, my own mom could have been selling fireworks to help fund my education. Now that’s awesome.

Happy 4th, everyone!