Kenny and the kids surprised me with a lovely dinner out on Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day. We went to El Gaucho – a steakhouse downtown. Our food was delicious. And so were the French 75s.

We brought the kids. And apparently, it’s not the best for kids. I mean, they didn’t get kicked out, (and the hostesses certainly made a fuss over the adorableness that was Gavin’s tie) but…let’s just say it was HILARIOUS to observe two parties to notice my children as they were going to sit in proximity to us refuse their tables and be moved to another area of the restaurant. Hey, I totally get it. It can be scary to sit next to a 5- and 4- year-old. Especially a red-head with a mischievous glint in his bright green eyes and a blue-eyed peanut that has clearly cut her own hair off and does not sit like a lady while wearing a dress 100% of the time. But they were sitting nicely and coloring and chatting – not throwing handfuls of corn at one another while shrieking, stripping off their clothes and running around the table napkin-snapping each other on their rear ends. (For the record, this has never actually happened to me, but it’s the type of behavior I imagine folks who don’t want to sit near kids expect will break out if they dare get within 10 feet of ’em in a restaurant).

Kenny asked the waiter about it and he was very, very nice. He told us not to worry about it, the kids were TOTALLY FINE and that no one ever wants those tables. I, however, am sticking to my story. I saw both parties look at our table, look at each other and ask to be moved. Hahaha. Don’t worry – it didn’t ruin my meal. I was two French 75s in and that sort of ‘oh my – children are here! They are sure to ruin our experience.’ reaction always tickles me!

My kids, of course, split the salmon. It’s seriously their new chicken. Kenny and I got ‘baseball-cut sirloins’ and some amazing side dishes. We had plenty of leftovers – including steak. Bonus! No cooking dinner on Mother’s Day! I carmelized some onions, made garlic crostinis and served that with thinly-sliced leftover steak. The leftovers were AWESOME and I highly recommend this quick and easy fix if you ever find yourself with leftover steak.

Happy belated Mother’s Day to you (if a) you are reading this and b) you are a mom.)