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Interesting read, and a hint for my dear parents: 10 reasons to fly to Portland right now. (Zing! haha)

I read this line to Kenny out loud:

It’s exactly what you think. Funny hats, food trucks, obsessive baristas, urban gardening, bike lovers – Portland is practically a laboratory of all that’s hip and cool in North America right now…

We looked at each other sitting in our reclining seats (he in a chair, me on the sofa) with our respective laptops (he with his work laptop, me with my personal laptop). I then paused and looked at myself at this very moment…yea, not good. I then thought about my super cool weekend which consisted of not one, but TWO trips to Target, a birthday party at Pump it Up, two naps and five errands. I then thought, “Mmmmhmmm. I am a lab rat of all that’s hip and cool in North America.” Kenny threw his hands in the air and let out a wry ‘wooo hooo!’. We better try harder. Much harder so we don’t dorkify this happenin’ city.

I am mostly disappointed that we didn’t know about Distillery Row when Kenny’s Dad was here. He did get to try some local beer and wine…and now we have something to do next time, right?