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I am officially in Crazy Town and it has nothing to do with the lovely city of Portland … directly.

We were out for late lunch / early dinner on Sunday and I was the only person at the table who didn’t have seafood on their plate. The people at the table were my immediate family (ahh – you thought I might have made some friends, right? Nope.)

  • Gavin – salmon and fruit
  • Grace – macaroni and cheese and some of Gavin’s salmon
  • Kenny (that sell out) – crab roll. Not a crab cake, which he will sometimes be OK with if it is his ticket to a steak (hint – think weddings). It was chopped up crab in some sort of white sauce. (I am thinking mayo, but if he ate mayo, then I have definitely, without a doubt, crossed into a parallel universe.)
  • Me – soup and salad.

Ironically, I used to be the ONLY one in the family that would eat some seafood (just not salmon.) They better not expect me to start cooking seafood. I can still barely pull off a roasted turkey. Here’s to new adventures, right? I think I promised to adopt an adventurous spirit somewhere in this blog…