We survived the East Coast Holiday Whirlwind of Fun. (That’s the official name of the trip.) Overall, it was a success – so great to see family and friends. Oddly, we didn’t have enough time to do all we wanted to do – but I can’t figure out how we could have done anything more because we felt pretty frantic the whole time. The traveling was a bit of a beast, and we were all sick at one point or another (I am still sick; Kenny is just on the mend. Gavin and Grace are totally over it.), but on the whole, all was good.

And, the fun’s not quite over yet, because we are still receiving boxes of holiday fun. Eight of them to be exact. Shipped ’em on a few different days, so they are arriving slowly but surely. They’ll fit right in with the boxes of unpacked stuff from the big move.

I have lots of stories to share in the coming days. Woo hoo!

And I will share this fun fact before I close: Hilariously, I have still only slept in our new house three nights. Three. We moved in December 16. Hahaha. Tonight will be the fourth night. I just got in from Phoenix for work, and I have a solid 11 nights of sleeping in my own bed before I have to travel again.