Officially an Oregonian

I had the joy of re-living the age of 15 this week. I went to take my written driver’s test again. This time, it was so I could become a licensed driver in my new home state. What’s that? Haven’t I lived here for a while now? Yes. Yes, I have. For some reason, I […]

This is How My Day Started…

I headed out to Walgreen’s this morning to grab a few things, including a box of Christmas cards. I walked into the store and was greeted by a gal with, “Good morning, can I help you find anything?” I said, “Hi, yes – can you point me to boxed Christmas cards?” I usually never ask […]

Annoying Planemates

One of the benefits (?!) of being on planes five out of six weeks is that you get to observe strange behavior by your fellow travelers. My apologies in advance to you if you exhibit any of these behaviors when flying. But you must know that they are socially unacceptable and really super annoying to […]