Uber for Dogs. Yea, It’s a thing. (I invented it.)

Since it's #nationaldogday, I thought it was fitting to share the story of how Grace and I took Bob for a walk last weekend.

It was setting up to be a warm day, so, in an attempt to beat the heat, we headed out early.

Judging by preparations alone, this walk was gonna be epic. I mean, there was a lot of prep involved:

Grace brushed

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Tweenhood is on the Horizon

Ah, summer. The time of year when you spend tons and tons of time with your kids and get to know them on a whole 'nother level. Again. Even with our work schedules staying the same and the Gs heading to camp every day, we spend a lot of time together hanging out at night (read: no homework and later bedtimes!).

This summer, it's apparent

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My List of Nicknames Grows

Over the years, I've had a few mishaps with people mispronouncing my name.

Mostly, the experience has been with children during babysitting incidents.

Two great ones come to mind:

My best friend and I were babysitting a young girl on her street who apparently found Bridget to be a foreign word for her young vocabulary. Hilariously, however, "Birdshit" was not, and that became my name

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Gavin on Dating

Yes, that's right.

Our nine year old has a perspective on dating.


Me, too.

An innocent conversation between Gavin and Grace turned to teasing each other about "dating". Hmmmm. I am not particularly ready for this to be part of the Clark family vernacular, but it was seemingly innocent. (As in I got the sense that neither of them understood what dating actually was.)

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The Mother ‘Hood…with my gang

A car ride.

Some Starbucks.

Some good tunes.

My husband. Our son. Our daughter. Our dog.

A gray day on the Coast.

A long, long, long walk on the beach.

With the loves of my life.

Running to the frigid waves.

Running from the frigid waves.


Enjoying each other.

Mother's Day perfection.

(and, perhaps, the makings of a more frequent occurrence.)

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Defining My Legacy: One Hunter Boot at a Time

This week, I gave my kids the gift of a story that will become part of their permanent memories.

A tale that they will use to regale friends and family members alike for years and years and years to come.

A tale that will quite possibly be part of my defining legacy here on this earth.

A tale that probably would have defined just how

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Hi, I’m 40 and I Bought My First Justin Bieber Album

And, after an extensive Google search (read: two seconds), I am happy to report that my use of the term album, in and of itself, does not actually date me. (Mmmhmm. I do research for this small-potatoes, limited-readership blog so I don't steer my tens of readers astray.) (And, for reference / future use in your own personal conversations, you can use the term album,

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Bits & Bob: Shoelaces

Bob has discovered shoelaces.

And, apparently, they are delicious.

Especially while I am still wearing my shoes.

That's all.



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Dear Kenny (on your birthday)

Dear Kenny,

Tonight, the kids and I pictured you alone in Paris "celebrating" your 40th birthday with dinner for one...in the new duds you had to buy since your suitcase never made it...and realized it was, perhaps, not the most fantastic of birthdays. Especially for a milestone. We sure wish you were home so we could celebrate with you. Soon. Not soon enough, but soon.

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“Mom, Do You Think My Face is Weird?”

Go ahead and grab a tissue. If not for you, then grab an extra one for me.

My sensitive little nine-year-old guy spoke these very words to me today.

I looked at him and firmly said, "Absolutely not!" as if it were the stupidest thing I had EVER heard.

He looked at the ground while picking the skin on the side of his thumb with

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