Someone – please love our house. Please. Pretty Please with Sugar on Top.

And whipped cream and a cherry. And sprinkles.

The throngs of buyers didn’t show. We knew they wouldn’t. Sigh.

It’s really hard to tell your ‘why this house is great’ story to internet house shoppers.  Like the fact that you have no idea it’s a busier road when you are sitting in the house or in the backyard. And it’s a great house for a young couple or young family just starting out – it’s convenient to everything. It’d be great for a family with older children, too. They could claim the entire third floor. That it’s an amazing canvas – just waiting for your very best decorating ideas. That the deep window sills are amazing and like nothing else I have ever seen. And that the front porch is a great spot to watch a Spring storm roll in or to sit and watch the hummingbirds come feed in the little garden out front. And so many other little nuggets that the eventual buyer will come to find on their own. Maybe there’s something to be said for a more poetic description of a home – something besides the standard nine rooms, eat in kitchen, central air details. Something that captures the experience of those who’ve taken a house and made it a home.


As I type this, our house has been on the market for 60 days. We have had a grand total of ONE – yes, that’s right, ONE party call to tour our house. We had decent traffic at two open houses (5 parties each = 10 parties).


This is probably the most deflating part of the whole experience. We worked hard to make this baby shine. And even before all the recent updating, we’d dumped a whole lot of heart into it. It’s so depressing that my mom even offered to make an appointment to tour the house just to boost our spirits. Haha.


No major repairs should be needed. It’s ready! Someone, please come love it like we do.


For Sale Sign Goes Live

As part of the relocation process, two realtors met with us and toured our home to find the ‘most likely to sell’ price. This would determine our listing price, home marketing strategy and allow us to select our agent. Sounds simple.
The first two agents had a $53,000 gap between their ‘most like to sell’ prices. Someone wasn’t doing their job. Clearly. Luckily, they brought in a third agent whose most likely to sell price was $5,000 above the other reasonable agent’s price. We had ourselves a solid ‘most likely to sell price’! Our listing went live on August 5.
Now, the fun begins.  Let the throngs of eager home buyers start lining up. Ha.

Sneaks aren’t for Storage

Sampling of sneakers now stored in the rafters of Kenny’s office. Yes, there are more. Many, many more.

While we were packing up for storage, I asked Kenny if the storage space was large enough for his sneaker collection.
Kenny: They aren’t going to storage.
Me:  What do you mean? They can’t stay here while the house is listed – they take up a whole wall in one of the bedrooms.
Kenny: It will be OK, I will figure it out.
Me: So they aren’t going to storage?
Kenny: No. The insurance on the space only covers up to $2000.
Yes, that’s right. We have that many sneakers in our house.