Lists are your friend

My lists…Oh, how I love lists. (This part of the preparation makes me feel like we’re playing a real-life modern version of the Oregon Trail. We will not, however, have to hunt our own food. Or travel in covered wagons. Although if there’s a tour like that once we get there, I’d consider it. It […]

Exuding Calm

Many people – friends, relatives, colleagues – have commented about how calm I am about moving across the country. It’s mostly true. I am a big believer in “everything will work itself out – so why worry?” I will say, however, that my mind is very active. At any given point, I have about five […]

Paperwork Follies

File under things we didn’t think about. I was filling out the paperwork for daycare, you know…standard stuff that should have been a breeze to complete. (Well, other than the questions evaluating my childrens’ psychological state of mind – like ‘how does your child express their emotions? what does he / she do when they […]