I Cannot Take the Heat

We’re fresh off our first meet the family somewhere in the country so no one has to continually burn all their vacation days and dollars on a trip to Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Nothing wrong with any of those spots, naturally, but isn’t it more fun to meet somewhere different so everyone gets to […]


Unpacking Funnies: Chalk

Today’s entry for hilarious things we found while unpacking. [imagebrowser id=22] Yes, that is a bunch of mostly used chalk. Wrapped preciously like family heirlooms. The thing about moving? Eventually you run out of time to “get organized” and “purge” – so you are forced into anything goes. This is exhibit A in the anything […]

Aerial Shots

You might remember my lack of pictures from my first trip out here. I tried to make up for it when we flew in this time. Here are the shots of the plane ride into Portland. The quality isn’t great because, well, they were taken from a speeding airplane through two panes of glass. Hopefully, […]