One Little Monkey

…holds a lot of memories. I am doing some cleaning up and cleaning out around the house. Admit it. You’re jealous of my rockin’ start to the unofficial kick off to summer, right? 🙂 With both kids occupied downstairs, I took the opportunity late this afternoon to sneakily clean out the ‘stuffed animal’ farm we […]

Goodbyes (Still) Stink

One of the post-move things that will always rip my heart out is watching my kids say goodbye to their extended family after spending time with them. Ugh. Goodbyes are not fun. At all. They weren’t fun when we first left to move here, and they still aren’t fun about two years in. Grace is […]

I Cannot Take the Heat

We’re fresh off our first meet the family somewhere in the country so no one has to continually burn all their vacation days and dollars on a trip to Oregon, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Nothing wrong with any of those spots, naturally, but isn’t it more fun to meet somewhere different so everyone gets to […]