On the Road: Mobile Phones and Restrooms. (It’s a Don’t.)

It’s official. When it comes to mobile phone use, no where is sacred. Here’s how I know: I listened to a mom have an entire conversation with each and every member of her family from the stall in the women’s room at Portland International Airport (PDX) today. This was after I had to navigate around […]

The Worst of All Travel Offenders

Truth: Airplane seat recliners suck. The worst travel of all travel offenders. Worse than middle seat double-arm-rest stealer. Come on. Middle seats stink. At least allow them comfort of resting both elbows! Worse than slam-the-tray-table-up-and-down-ninety-bajillion-times-during-a-flight gal.Thanks for sharing your Dramamine with me, sweetheart. It really helped with the motion sickness you inflicted.  Worse than sit-in-the-window-seat-and-go-to-the-bathroom-three-times-during-a-two-hour-flight […]