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The Worst of All Travel Offenders

Truth: Airplane seat recliners suck. The worst travel of all travel offenders.

Worse than middle seat double-arm-rest stealer. Come on. Middle seats stink. At least allow them comfort of resting both elbows!

Worse than slam-the-tray-table-up-and-down-ninety-bajillion-times-during-a-flight gal.Thanks for sharing your Dramamine with me, sweetheart. It really helped with the motion sickness you inflicted. 

Worse than sit-in-the-window-seat-and-go-to-the-bathroom-three-times-during-a-two-hour-flight guy. Seriously. I will only let this pass because I

August 21st, 2013 0 comments on the road, the joy of flying

Annoying Planemates

One of the benefits (?!) of being on planes five out of six weeks is that you get to observe strange behavior by your fellow travelers. My apologies in advance to you if you exhibit any of these behaviors when flying. But you must know that they are socially unacceptable and really super annoying to everyone around you, so take note and promise to change.

February 18th, 2012 3 Comments on the road, the joy of flying

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