Old Habits are Hard to Break

Two weeks in and I am having old-house-itis. It’s a bizarre affliction where I conduct day-to-day activities as I would have in my house. (A small positive about the fact that our dang house is STILL sitting on market: I can use the words ‘my house’. How’s that for a glass-half-full view?!)

Some examples:

  • I look for my colander in the same cabinet. But it’s not there. To be honest, I didn’t even know I had a colander until some time last week. Which means for the first week I lived here, I was using some creative draining techniques. My favorite was trying to drain through the pot lid while maneuvering pot holders so as not to sear my fingerprints off. I never cursed while doing this. Never. Hahaha.
  • I reach under the sink to turn on the garbage disposal. Every time. The switch here is on the wall.
  • I now need two shampoos and two conditioners. And never remember that I only have one set until I am already in the shower…and, of course, the set is in the kids’ bathroom.
  • I go to the same drawers for my clothes – even though the furniture here  is ENTIRELY different.
  • I open the freezer to grab drinks. Our old fridge was upside down, so the fridge part was on the top. This one makes me the craziest.

Creature of habit? Just a lil bit.



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Things I Miss…So Far

So…our stuff is still in storage and we had to pack essentials with which we could get by for 60 days until we set up house permanently. (Place – TBD)

It’s a fun experiment in whether we could be minimalists and see what we actually can survive without. I am doing mostly OK, but am definitely lacking some key things like:

  • All of Grace’s tights and comfortable pants. OK, Grace probably misses these more than me. Poor thing has to wear skirts with naked legs or jeans or a handful of matching sets we brought on the plane with us.
  • My sneakers. I cannot possibly take up hiking and the great outdoors without sneakers, can I? Yes, you read that right. My husband works for a major athletic apparel company and I brought no sneakers with me.
  • My winter coat. This one especially sucks because it’s much colder than I expected. I saw “50s” on weather.com and thought that it’d be manageable with a few sweaters and fleeces. Nope. Now I am wearing sweaters and fleeces together and that’s never hot.
  • My boots.  Actually, any and all warmer shoes. These got put on the moving truck before I got a chance to yank them.
  • Socks. I have three pair. Luckily, I don’t really need them since I have no sneakers with me.
  • My address book. I need to send a few things to people back home. No addresses. This will be especially problematic when it’s time for Christmas cards to be sent!
  • My Pizza Any Way You Slice It cookbook. OK, I am really only missing this one today because it has a killer recipe for mini meatballs in it and I want to make them for dinner. I will have to improvise. Good luck to my family!

In light of this, and the fact that I am already tired of temporary housing, I told Kenny our goal to be in a house is moved to Thanksgiving. He replied with a very simple, “Good luck.” Hahahaha.

Since it’s only a matter of weeks until I start freakin’ out that I don’t have my Christmas decorations and Grace’s Christmas hair bows, my next tactic to get the house hunting show on the road will be to inform Kenny we have to go to Michael’s so I can deploy plan B for these missing pieces. Hopefully, that’s enough to get us in gear! Hahaha.

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Heating the Apartment

Yesterday, I awoke with a swollen, sore throat. It was incredibly foggy outside and frost covered…well, everything. I felt as if I was coming down with something….especially when chills set in around mid-day. I figured I’d boost the heat and try to tame the chills.

We don’t have a normal thermostat where I can go, punch in (or dial) that I’d like it to be 68 degrees. Instead I have these knobs that I set to different settings for a ‘comfort zone’ in 10 degree increments. So, I twisted it to some vague point between 60 and 70. Flames burst alive in the fireplace. Huh. I turned it back down. This could not possibly be how I heat the apartment. Back up. Flames. Back down. No flames. Interesting. I checked for air vents in the main living area. None. Radiators – none. Hmmmm.

I went on a sleuthing mission around the apartment and discovered we have baseboard heat. I found another knob that I assume heats the front two bedrooms. I went back to the living room to look for baseboard heaters there. No gots. We definitely are supposed to heat the living room with the fireplace. HAHAHAHAHA. I can see us this weekend huddled around the fireplace trying to keep warm. I guess the good news it that’s a gas fireplace and I don’t have to chop my own wood. Aaaaand, I don’t have to head to the camp grounds to roast my own marshmallows.

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