My List of Nicknames Grows

Over the years, I’ve had a few mishaps with people mispronouncing my name. Mostly, the experience has been with children during babysitting incidents. Two great ones come to mind: My best friend and I were babysitting a young girl on her street who apparently found Bridget to be a foreign word for her young vocabulary. […]


Gavin on Dating

Yes, that’s right. Our nine year old has a perspective on dating. Shocked? Me, too. An innocent conversation between Gavin and Grace turned to teasing each other about “dating”. Hmmmm. I am not particularly ready for this to be part of the Clark family vernacular, but it was seemingly innocent. (As in I got the […]


The Mother ‘Hood…with my gang

A car ride. Some Starbucks. Some good tunes. My husband. Our son. Our daughter. Our dog. A gray day on the Coast. A long, long, long walk on the beach. With the loves of my life. Running to the frigid waves. Running from the frigid waves. Unplugged. Enjoying each other. Mother’s Day perfection. (and, perhaps, […]