Concrete Proof Grace is from Philadelphia

If I ever lose Grace's birth certificate and cannot obtain a back-up, this spelling practice test is awesome proof that she was born in the Philadelphia-area and spent the first three years of her life there, yea?

The spelling word? Use.

The sentence example I gave: I need to use a knife to chop this onion. (That's some stellar working mom multi-tasking right there - making

December 18th, 2014 0 comments live, our kids in portland

Thanksgiving is for Pie. Right?

We're looking forward to an awesome Thanksgiving meal with our neighbors later today. It was so nice of them to include the transplants (that's us!) in their annual tradition.

We were put in charge of pies.

I have no idea where to buy pies in Portland since I've only made one Thanksgiving meal since we've moved here, and I think I made my pies from

November 27th, 2014 0 comments live, portlandish

An Artful Thanksgiving, Courtesy of Grace

Thought this would be a nice little conversation piece to share as my friends around the country settle in for a lovely Thanksgiving meal. So much to discuss here, yea?

In case you're wondering  - as I did when she handed it me after art class - it's a turkey drumstick. (Yes, I paid for this to  happen.)

My take? He's distressed about being eaten.

November 27th, 2014 0 comments live, our kids in portland

Turkeys. Real Live Turkeys.

This may sound hard to believe, but I can say with almost complete certainty that October marked the first time I saw a real, live turkey up close and personal. Sure, I may have seen one at the zoo, and definitely have seen the turkey the President pardons every year, but I have never seen one on a farm ... you know, livin' a turkey

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Three Things Heard Around The Clark House This Week

Grace upon watching me fold laundry: "Mommy, have you done laundry by yourself? Like without Daddy here to help? Without Daddy here to watch you? Wow!"

She was dead serious. To be fair, Kenny usually does do the laundry - he pulls double duty on the weekends and folds it all while watching soccer. (Yes, yes, I am onto his tricks, but folding laundry isn't

November 20th, 2014 0 comments live

Feet on a Plane (a.k.a. Just no.)

Generally, I am OK with people getting comfortable on a long plane ride.

But not if it means your stocking foot is so close to me I can feel the warmth of its recent tight shoe home radiating in my direction. (And sadly, I actually took that pic with my right arm from the right side of the plane with no zoom. This stranger foot

November 3rd, 2014 0 comments live

Who Decided Pumpkin Carving should be a Thing?

Ok, I have to know. Who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks decided that pumpkin carving should be a thing? And what in the world made us decide this would be the year we'd say yes to carving pumpkins after six years of successfully brainwashing convincing our kids that painting was the way to go?

Smart kids. Sucker parents. That's my story.

For some reason, Gavin was pretty stoked to carve

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Still: One Small Word with Big Impact.

I recently decided that I should start being a more responsible adult and doing normal adult things like going to the doctor for annual check ups. So, I asked around and found a doctor that one of my friends had a good experience with.

I scheduled my appointment.

I showed up early to do my paperwork. (Showing up early in and of itself is an

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And, these Portlanders are THREE!

This past weekend we marked three years in Portland. THREE YEARS....since we moved from Philadelphia to Portland, Oregon. I can't believe it.

Most of the things I felt last year around this time still ring true.

But, at the same time, a lot has changed since then.

And a lot has changed since we first moved here.

Look, ma! I have friends! I have to admit

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You Know Dinner’s Gonna Be Good…

...when you send that text to your spouse around the time when dinner should actually be done and your spouse should be strolling through the front door licking his or her chops.

I apologize for the cursing and typos, but they actually punctuate my frame of mind quite nicely. Hahaha. (That should be "...grab something", not "...gav somethjng.")

Remember this post where I said I push

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