And then there’s this house.

So we live in a ‘charming’ 120+ year old house. Despite doing a ton of work on it during the seven years we’ve owned it, it was still NO WHERE near ready to be put on the market – cosmetically. There’s nothing like going through your own house and trying to decide if you’d buy […]

Finally, some details!

Over the next couple weeks, I jumped every time Kenny’s phone rang. He did, too. He was desperate for information. I am pretty sure his desperation for information was less for his own edification and more so I would stop asking him over 100 questions a day that he had no answers for. We dangled […]

Hi Honey, what do you think about moving to Portland?

An end of May call from an on-the-road Kenny started out innocently enough. You know, the usual ‘How are things? Everything ok? I miss you terribly and cannot wait to see your gorgeous face again.’ (Ok maybe that last part is a stretch – but it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to throw in […]