Gavin on Dating

Yes, that’s right.

Our nine year old has a perspective on dating.


Me, too.

An innocent conversation between Gavin and Grace turned to teasing each other about “dating”. Hmmmm. I am not particularly ready for this to be part of the Clark family vernacular, but it was seemingly innocent. (As in I got the sense that neither of them understood what dating actually was.)

When our kids bring up more mature topics, I’ve learned not to assume their eight- or nine-year-old understanding is the same as my 40-year-old understanding. So, I casually invited myself to their conversation, “Gav, what’s dating?”

Some giggles escaped.

Then Gavin replied, “It’s when you have dinner with one person and share a Lady and the Tramp noodle.”

The innocence. The sweetness. My heart swelled.

Just putting this here so I’ll always remember.

* * * * *

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