I mentioned a ‘stuffed animal farm’ in this blog entitled One Little Monkey, and I got a few (sarcastic) questions on whether we did, in fact, have a ‘farm of stuffed animals.’

I guess technically, the answer is no. However, we do have a ‘pen’ of sorts…which we call a farm (sometimes). Haha.

In that same post, I mentioned that Grace loves all stuffed animals. They are what she wishes for (and is apparently granted!) every gift-giving holiday. Unfortunately, as every parent knows, stuffed animals are not easy to store and keep neat. And, as you see, Grace’s love for stuffed animals is so big that we need big storage to match.

We’ve never found the perfect stuffed animal solution during the seven years we’ve been parents, but this one is pretty close.

To create this storage space, we took bungee cords and extended them between two pre-existing hanging bars in our “bonus room” closet, and there you have it – a stuffed animal farm.  I’ll admit – even with this solution in place, Grace still has a mountain of stuffed animals in the corner of her room most days. I guess I would feel worse if she made us keep all these stuffed animals and never played with them. But she does. A lot.  And knowing we have somewhere easy (and behind closed doors) to stash them when needed helps keep Kenny and I sane.

P.S. Thumper’s face in the top right corner is hilarious – he looks slightly frightened from the angle I took this pic.

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