Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial Statue

On the Road – London: Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial

While on my mini-walking tour of the Buckingham Palace area, I walked through Green Park and happened upon the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial. A newer memorial – dedicated on June 28, 2012, it is a lovely tribute to  over 55,000 British and ally aircrew.

I was taken by the fact that even today, just about 69 years after World War II ended, visitors had left flowers, prayer cards and little notes to honor service men for making the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. It reminded me of the kindness in the world. How thoughtful to bring a small token to leave in honor of these heroes! It made me think of my grandfather, a World War II veteran. And despite the fact that we was in the U.S. Navy, I pictured him standing among the sculpted airmen as I admired the statues. I thought about the courage he and so many service men around the world embodied. My heart swelled with pride, and I swallowed a lump in my throat and blinked back tears. For some reason, historical landmarks make me incredibly emotional. Always have.


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