Since moving to Portland, we spend a lot of times in planes – whether it’s going to visit family, heading out on vacation, or traveling for work, it seems that one of the Clarks is on a plane at least every month!

I don’t love to fly, but it’s one of those things you get used to the more you do it. Over time, I’ve discovered one of my favorite things about flying are the views out the airplane windows. Seems obvious, I know. But really, it’s funny how such a mundane oval shape becomes your passport to some of the most incredible views.

I started taking pictures from the sky over the last few trips and am in love with some of the shots I got. Landscape shots seem harder to get – I guess you can’t fault the camera for not taking clear pictures at least 10,000 miles from the camera – haha. Cloud pictures are another story – I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at clouds. Each day, these little sky pillows form new and different patterns over our world – it’s really pretty breathtaking to fly among them and see things from their perspective.

I’ll be posting my sky shots here on this page periodically.

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