All right.

So this picture gallery demonstrates what happens when you give a city girl a garden.

It seems that I have, in essence, created a battle for life between the zucchini and the tomatoes. I knew zucchini were “easy to grow”. But I had no idea they were giant plants. Guess I shoulda Googled that one before planting. Geez louise! Ironically, I did read that zucchini and tomato plants play nice together. Guess I didn’t pay attention to the pictures that accompanied the article.

So they may be ok to plant together, but clearly, they are competitive and trying to overtake one another. The tomato plant is actually pushing itself up THROUGH the zucchini to get some sun time. The good news (?) is that the tomatoes are along the front of the bed and seem mostly fine. But I am only guessing that this zucchini plant is going to get even bigger as the summer goes on, leaving me to believe that this is shaping up to be an epic fail on my part. Oof!

Now the question is – do I try to transplant the tomatoes to give them more space and let the zucchini have their own bed? ¬†Or do I keep the tomatoes and yank out the zucchini since I have another plant along the back of the house (I don’t actually see any fruit on the zucchini yet. The tomatoes have fruit.)? Anyone? Anyone?

Two weeks into summer and we’re having fun rookie veggie garden times out here in Oregon this year. Haha.

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