The Hood strawberry plants we put in last year weathered winter well and seem to be producing nicely. Since I am not a farmer, I can't actually verify that they ARE producing well, but to my city-gal eye, there are edible strawberries hanging from the branches, so that means they are producing well.  Haha!

The G's said they are sweet and delicious! Woo hoo.


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Beware: It May Look Like an Elliptical Machine, But…

I am such a gym loser novice that I can't even tell the difference between the machines.

I like the elliptical machine. But apparently, I don't like all machines that LOOK like elliptical machines, nor do they like me.

When I first started, I had a preferred elliptical machine. Back corner, farthest from the door. No one behind me. This was important to my psyche

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Welcome to the world of Portland

A few of my Facebook friends posted this. I love it. So I wanted to share.

You can dig deeper into our fun town by visiting here.

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A Gallery Fit for A Princess

In this post, I referenced a few projects I tackled while Kenny was away on a two-week business trip in April. One of my favorite things I got done was revamping Grace's wall art above her bed. Let me tell you the backstory before I do the "big reveal" of how it looks now. Grab some popcorn, it's gonna be good. (Don't really. It's actually kind

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