Aggressive Geese

Before we moved to Portland, I remember an influx of Canadian Geese to the Philadelphia area being a big thing that created popular fodder for local news (i.e. headlines like - Canadian Geese Poop Ruins Kids' Soccer Tournament or Border Collies in High Demand to Chase Geese Off Runways were all the rage). Ok, so both of those headlines are made up, but you get

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Shots Around Town: Keep Portland Weird

Here's an old shot of Grace hanging out in the parking lot in front of the Keep Portland Weird mural across from VooDoo Doughnuts.

This was back when we could still get her to wear jeans. And naturally, she color coordinated with the mural. ;)

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Oh, yes. I go to the gym now.

So, recently, I thought I would be cute and start working out (again). You know, I am approaching 40 and all and I thought it might be in Kenny's best interest if I was still able to walk by the time I hit that magical age. Oh, and I thought it would (in addition to the obvious health benefits) give me a reason to get

April 24th, 2013 1 comment live

Out with the Pink, In with the Gray.

Come on, you had to know I'd pick gray. Haha.

You might remember that I am on a mission this year is to get my house done. Finally finish unpacking. Art on the walls. Giving everything a place / keeping ourselves organized. Wrapping up a handful of house projects we have on our list.

One of the projects we had on our list was painting

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A New Project’s A-brewin’!

Woo hoo - these little boxes contain a little something to bring our family room one step closer to being finished. A new FLOR tile project is in the works. Hope it works out  - will post the end result! :)

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Earth Day Sacks

Gavin and I just ran to the store to drop a package at the Post Office and pick up a few things for dinner. On the way in, he said, "Wait! We're going to Bales?" I said, "Yes, we're going to Bales." He did a little jump / fist pump action and said, "YES! Maybe you'll get my sack."



No idea what he

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I have big news!

The kids and I had two dinner dates last week. And I had a lunch date recently, too. It must have gone well, because I was then invited out to dinner.

You know what this means?

Yes. I am finally making friends. (I think. They could have been pity dates for a work widow whose husband is apparently on a family

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Things I’m Missing: Wawa

This weekend, I missed home.

Yes, I still have regular bouts of homesickness a year and a half in. I think it's one of those things that I will always experience. Kind of like stress. Haha. But, on a good note, being homesick was only part of why I missed home this time.

The main reason was that I missed Wawa.

I realized on Saturday

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A Small Welcome Spring Project

Setting out a little food in a pretty little hummingbird feeder to tide them over until the honeysuckle comes in.

Wish me luck. I tried this last year and all the food kept leaking out within about 30 minutes of me hanging it - hahaha. City girl problems. ;) Hopefully this new feeder works out better!

April 14th, 2013 0 comments city girl with a garden

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