If you can believe it, I feel like we are still “moving in”. Over the three-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend, we finally sifted through all the remaining boxes in the garage, made a(nother) nice donation to GoodWill, and started organizing. (Side note: I am completely appalled by the amount of space that our Christmas decor takes up when we store it in the garage, and conversely, how little I feel like we have once it’s up around the house.)

I am now on a mission to get things hung on the walls. It’s a hard project all around – from figuring out what we want to hang (pictures, painting, canvases, frames, mixed media pieces, etc.) and how we want to arrange it all, to making sure what we decided fits our family’s personality and has staying power, then to actually taking the plunge and sinking nails into the walls…all the while holding our breath and crossing our fingers that it turns out as intended. The last part is enough for the Clark house to remain undecorated forevs. Levels, pencils, hooks, a good eye, etc. All ingredients for making simple bare walls a hole-filled mess behind a smattering of lopsided pictures. Plus, while I like the stuff I choose to have staying power, I am also very fickle. I like to switch things up, and grow bored of my environs pretty quickly. (For example, in the six years we lived in our old house, we painted our living room in our old house three times, and swapped out our dining room to be a family room, the family room to be a dining room, then switched it all back again. Interpretation of all this is: Poor Kenny.)

Anyway, we are starting the process of decorating. Finally. We’ve only lived in this house for a year and a month! Haha.

For my first trick, I found these colorful little frames at Michael’s last weekend, and snapped them up, planning to hang them in the awkward little triangle between our steps and the railing. So, I spent last Sunday printing and cutting tiny little pictures to fill the frames…and then ripping off the little legs on the back so they’d lay flat against the wall. Overall, that was, honestly, a heck of a lot more effort than I planned for, and I was pretty mad at myself for getting me in to these shenanigans. I continued… and hung them with 3M strips – they are super light and there’s no need to decimate the walls with nails for these tiny frames. Thankfully, it turned out just how I pictured it in my head and I liked it at first.

But then I came home from a work trip in New York on Friday…and didn’t like it anymore. Hahaha.


By itself, it looked cute. But you can see that wall from all angles of the main downstairs living space…and it was…LOUD. Hahaha. It didn’t really work with the rest of the vibe in the open living space.

So I sat and considered where they’d work. I initially thought about popping Disney Princess pics in ’em and putting them in Grace’s room to replace some terrible wall decals that are in there now. (The decals are cute …but completely unsticky. And they fall off regularly. The colorful frames would be adorable in a girls’ room! But fixing those walls are a project for another day.)

Then I had the idea. My office! It’s already pretty colorful in there – green and blue hued accessories, some matching carpet tiles and two turquoise chairs (for all the meetings someone that works from home has in her office?! Yea, no, I don’t have meetings in my house. They just fit in the space. Haha.)

I recently hung two prints – one Philadelphia and one Portland – next to my previously lonely Leah Giberson lawn chair print.  (Aside: I love the feel of Leah’s work. I bought the particular piece I have because it reminded of the beach chairs my grandparents and parents would use every summer in Ocean Gate, NJ, and it’s a nice memory to have every day when I sit down for work.) Despite now having three prints hanging, the walls still felt a bit bare – and I wasn’t loving it. These tiny frames could be just the solution.

Soooo… I spent some time on Saturday night taking down the stair hall gallery and hanging them in my office. (Who’s super cool with awesome weekend nights? Yep, me.)

And I totally dig how it came out.

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